Mathematics and Computer Science Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

A mathematics major can be well prepared to attend graduate school in a variety of areas. Appropriate planning with her advisor is important. Most students who pursue graduate studies also qualify for significant financial support in the form of assistantships. A sampling of the graduate programs chosen by recent graduates of the mathematics program at Saint Mary's include:

Mathematics or Applied Mathematics

  • University of Michigan
  • Michigan State
  • Northwestern
  • Columbia
  • Ohio State
  • Carnegie-Mellon
  • Purdue
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Massachusetts
  • University of Florida
  • North Carolina State
  • Old Dominion


  • Ohio State, Purdue, Rutgers

Computer Science

  • Iowa State, Loyola, University of Chicago, University of Missouri-Columbia


  • University of Wisconsin


  • St. Louis University, Loyola Medical School

Industrial Engineering

  • Purdue

Religious Education

  • St. Louis University


  • University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame