Private Lessons

The Music Department offers private lessons in voice and most instruments to the entire College student body. There are no auditions for lessons, and students at any level are welcome. We offer lessons in voice, piano, guitar, organ, woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion.

Applied lessons are available for one credit (one half-hour lesson per week) for $300, or two credits (one 50-minute lesson per week) for $500 per semester.

Music majors are required to take lessons on their primary instrument, and piano lessons for the purpose of piano proficiency requirements. Minors take applied lessons as part of their degree plan.

Applied lessons are available on the following instruments:

Voice Trumpet
Piano and Organ Horn
Guitar Trombone
Harpsichord Tuba
Harp Violin
Flute Viola
Oboe Cello
Clarinet String bass
Bassoon Electric bass
Saxophone Percussion