Campus Accessibility Map

Below is a map of campus buildings offering accessibility to those needing assistance. Please click on a colored symbol below or scroll down on the page to learn more about accessibility features offered. For more detailed information or assistance, please telephone Campus Security at (574) 284-5000 or visit the Students with Disabilities information pages. Vist the Americans with Disabilities Act Web site, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), for more information.


campus map graphic with accessibility labeledChurch of Our Lady of Loretto - East Entrance RampHoly Cross Hall - East Electric DoorHoly Cross Hall - North RampRegina Hall - South ElevatorRegina Hall - North ElevatorMoreau Center - Northwest RampMoreau Center - North ElevatorMoreau Center - Northeast Electric DoorMoreau Center - Moreau Center - Northeast RampLe Mans Hall - Southwest RampLe Mans Hall - Northwest ElevatorLe Mans Hall - North RampLe Mans Hall - Northeast ElevatorStudent Center - South ElevatorStudent Center - South RampStudent Center - North Electric DoorStudent Center - East RampStudent Center Parking - Northeast RampMcCandless Hall - East Electric DoorMcCandless Hall - Northeast ElevatorAngela Athletic Facility - South RampAngela Athletic Facility Parking - RampCushwa-Leighton Library - South Electric DoorCushwa-Leighton Library - Northeast ElevatorHavican Hall - North Electric DoorOpus Hall - North RampOpus Hall - East ElevatorOpus Hall - Northeast Electric DoorHaggar College Center - South Electric DoorHaggar College Center - South RampHaggar College Center - Central ElevatorScience Hall - South RampScience Hall - Northeast ElevatorSpes Unica Hall - North Electric DoorSpes Unica Hall - ElevatorSpes Unica Hall - South Electric DoorMadeleva Hall - Northwest RampMadeleva Hall - North ElevatorMadeleva Hall - North Electric DoorMadeleva Hall - West RampMadeleva Hall - South ElevatorDalloway's Coffee House/Clubhouse - North RampDalloway's Coffee House/Clubhouse - North Electric DoorWelcome Center - North Ramp

Campus Accessibility Map Key
  • Electric Door Electric Door
  • Ramp Ramp
  • Elevator Elevator

Angela Athletic Facility has a ramp on the front and back of the building. There are no accessible bathrooms in this building or access to the gym floor if you are chair bound.
The Church of our Lady of Loretto has a ramp entrance, electric door opener, and accessible restroom available to all visitors.
The Clubhouse offers an accessible bathroom and ramp on the front entrance as well as an electric door.
Cushwa-Leighton Library has an electric door on the front entrance and an elevator giving one access to all floors including the basement computer lab.
Haggar College Center has a ramp and electric door opener on the entrance facing Lake Marian. The second floor has an accessible bathroom and an elevator goes from the first through the third floor.
Havican Hall has a ground level entrance and electric door opener on the North entrance.
Holy Cross Hall has ramp access 7am-5pm that can have further access if Security is contacted. An electric door opener is installed. There is an elevator that goes from the basement up to Annunciata (the top floor).
Le Mans Hall has two ramps (at the west and north entrances) that can be accessed from 7 a.m.—5 p.m. If you need to have access due to a disability, you can contact security and they will assist you. There are two elevators for the basement through the fourth floor but there is no elevator access to the 5th floor annex. An accessible bathroom is located on the first floor in Reignbeaux Lounge (at the west entrance and ramp to Le Mans Hall). Accessible shower stalls are located on the third floor for residents.
Madeleva Hall has an elevator in each wing of the building, ramps on the 2 west entrances, electric door openers, and an accessible bathroom on the second floor of the north wing (the wing closest to the Madeleva parking lot).
McCandless Hall has a ramp on the front and back entrance as well as an electric door on the front entrance. There is an accessible bathroom and shower on the second floor of the building.
Moreau Center for the Arts and O'Laughlin Auditorium has a ramp on the side of the building closest to Le Mans Hall with an electric door opener in to the classroom section and into O'Laughlin Auditorium. There is also an accessible entrance on the west side (the side closest to the Riedinger House). An elevator is available giving one access to all floors, basement through the second floor.
Opus Hall has a ramp and electric door access from the entrance facing the softball field. An elevator is available to access the upper floors.
Regina Hall has an entrance at ground level and has electric door openers. The second floor of North and South Tower offers accessible rooms, shower stalls and restrooms.
Science Hall has a ramp on the front entrance and an elevator in addition to the accessible bathroom on the first floor.
Spes Unica Hall has access at both the north and south entrances to the building. The elevator is located across from the north entrance. Accessible restrooms are located on each floor next to the elevator.
Student Center and Noble Family Dining Hall has wheelchair access from the side door near the library green, and through the front doors facing the quad. There is wheelchair access in main bathrooms, and the upper and lower levels are accessible by elevator.

Welcome Center offers an accessible bathroom and ramp on the front of the building.