To Start, You Need

  • A degree from an accredited undergraduate institution. The most competitive candidates will have an overall GPA of at least 3.0.
  • An undergraduate communication sciences and disorders degree or completion of select prerequisite courses (or equivalents).

Finishing Will Take

  • Six semesters over two years 
  • 400 hours of a supervised clinical practicum
  • Completing a thesis or passing comprehensive written and oral examinations

You Can Begin Your Degree In

Fall 2024

You Will Take Classes

On campus and full time

Where This Degree Can Take You

  • Into any business or field that needs qualified speech language pathologists, such as education and healthcare settings and organizations  
  • Into a speech language pathology doctoral program

What You Will Learn:

  • To function in the many and varied clinical situations
  • The knowledge and skills needed to serve a diverse client base
  • The knowledge, skills, and reflective practices necessary for entry-level speech language pathologists


Student Outcome Data


Student Completion

Graduation Year Number Completing Program Within Expected Time Frame Percent Completing Program Within Expected Time Frame

Graduation Year Number Completing On Time Number Completing Later Than On Time Number Not Completing  
2023 25 0 0  
2022 30 0 0  
2021 28 0 1  
3 Year Average       98.81%


Three year average: 98.81%


Praxis Exam Pass Rate

Individuals who received training relevant to the Praxis at Saint Mary's College, report scores to code 0970-St. Mary’s College IN-SLP as both an attending institution and a report recipient.

Graduation Year Students taking the exam Students who passed the exam Pass rate
2023 20 17 85%
2022 22 20 90.91%
2021 28 26 92.89%


Three year average pass rate: 89.6%

Additional Resources: 

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