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Student Computing Recommendations


Computing resources have become an integral part of higher education, and students at Saint Mary’s College have access to a wide variety of technology resources and support. ResNet refers to the student computer network on campus at Saint Mary's College and to the team that supports it. ResNet support is available to assist any student who requests our help with her personal computer during the academic year.

Our ResNet website at will provide you with all of the computing information a student needs about our campus network. Our Student’s Guide to Bringing a Computer to Saint Mary’s College is available for download on the website. The guide will be very useful as you select a computer that will be an important academic and personal tool over the next four years. The guide includes a list of frequently asked questions and answers about ResNet to assist you with your search for the computer that best fits your needs. ResNet can also address your individual questions about what type of computer will best meet your personal and academic needs.

ResNet will be making computer recommendations for specific Apple and Dell computer models to help make your purchasing decisions easier. Our recommendations for specific models will be available in early July and listed on our ResNet website and sent to you. Apple and Dell typically offer special “Back to School” specials and pricing that begin in early July, as well. We strongly encourage you to wait to purchase a computer until you receive this information.

Our system recommendations will be posted on the ResNet website as soon as they are available. The systems we recommend are the same models Saint Mary's College buys for our faculty and staff - we follow our own recommendations.

We also recommend that students review our Student's Guide to Bringing a Computer to Saint Mary's College before purchasing a computer. This guide will assist you in selecting the best computer that will meet your needs and be compatible with the campus network, and what you need to know if you already have a computer.

Saint Mary’s College has a Microsoft Campus Agreement. This agreement allows students to purchase a single copy each of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows, Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows, Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Upgrade, and Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Upgrade for $10 per software title to install on their personal computer. This software is available for purchase at the ResNet Office during the academic year. Students must show their Saint Mary’s ID cards to purchase the software, and the software purchase will be charged to their student accounts.

To Contact ResNet:
(574) 284-5319 

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