Art History Concentration - Art Major

Explore the historical development of Western and non-Western art and architecture from prehistoric time to the present. Study works of art in their cultural contexts and gain an understanding of the purpose, meaning, and significance of works of art to those who made, used, and viewed them. Emphasis is on the idea that art history's canon is not fixed, but is instead shaped by the questions we ask and the values we hold in the present.

The Experience
Work on your own art in the classroom and studio. Enjoy opportunities outside the classroom with internships and summer residences. Past residences have been at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and the South Bend Museum of Art. 

The Requirements
The art history concentration curriculum exposes you to the pieces, the events and cultures that influenced their creation, and the artists who created them. You'll develop your own talents with a variety of studio art electives or focus on art and recent cultural issues. 

The Writing
Your senior year, you'll write a comprehensive research paper demonstrating conceptual originality, research skill, and appropriate methodology. 

The Results
Prepare for a future that ranges from careers as an art consultant to an art teacher, curator, museum educator, designer, media advisor, sales manager, or grant writer. Many art graduates continue their graduate studies with top art programs across the nation.