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rosie krzemien
“During my visit to Saint Mary’s, I sat in a communicative disorders class and knew that was what I wanted to do. Everyone at the College was so welcoming, and it’s a great place because everyone has something to contribute and everyone is always learning,” says Rosie Krzemien, a native of Pittsburgh.

Rosie is studying communicative disorders and psychology, with a minor in gerontology. After watching several of her relatives who struggled with strokes work with speech pathologists, she too wanted to enter the field. After graduation, Rosie plans to attend graduate school. She wants to do some research-based work, especially with autism. “We know lots about it, but there is so much more to learn,” she says.

For now, though, Rosie is enjoying her time in the communicative disorders department, especially with her clinical practicum. She loves working with both the young and the old and looks forward to a career that will allow her to assist both. “I love learning from kids,” she says. “And the elderly are a growing population. Someone needs to take care of them.”

“I am working with an adult and a child with very different diagnoses. It’s really good preparation for grad school and beyond. I’ve done diagnostic testing and research to understand the results. The experience has taught me to adapt to each client and discover what fits best for them.”

Rosie also works at the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). She loves that working with the children at ECDC incorporates different parts of her major, especially occupational and physical therapy. “We’re making sure that the kids are developing fine motor skills and reaching developmental milestones. I’m learning proper classroom etiquette and how to communicate effectively with children.”

In addition to school and work, Rosie is also a member of the Notre Dame Figure Skating Club. She won the 2012 McMahon award for dedication, commitment, and leadership on the team. Rosie is also the secretary of the club. One of her responsibilities is coordinating the club’s service and volunteering activities around South Bend. “It’s cool that we get the chance to represent the school and give back to the community,” she says. “We work together toward a common goal.”

Rosie cites the College’s expectation of personal responsibility as one of the biggest factors in her maturing at Saint Mary’s. “There are high expectations here. But it’s good because what I do here makes me more prepared for my job in the real world. After my time at Saint Mary’s, I know I can go to the real world with confidence.”

~Jillian Fata ’14