Important Contacts

Vice President for Student Affairs

Karen Johnson

Executive Director of Alumnae and College Relations

Kara O'Leary

2017-2018 Parents Council • Contact Information


Chairs:  Laura and William Murphy, Northport, NY, daughters Kristin '15, Elizabeth '15, Colleen '20 and

Janet and Matt Cronin, Gettysburg, SD, daughter Anna '16, Lillian '18 and

Lisa and William Edmonds, Oklahoma City, OK, daughter Adele '19

Nancy Cozzi and Louis Freda, La Grange, IL, daughter Angela Freda '19 and

Lauren and Brian Gallagher, Glen Ellyn, IL, daughter Kendall '20, and

Pamela and Charles Gallagher, Alexandria, VA, daughter Kelly '18 and

Jane and Douglas Guffy, Milwaukee, WI, daughters Caitlin '12 and Claire '19

Judy and Edward Keenan, Garden City, NY, daughter Kristina '19, and 

Ann and Thomas Mehelas, Holland, OH, daughter Michelle '19 and

Virginia and Martin Rudloff, Washington, MO, daughters Jane '18 and Jules '19 and

Peggy '73 and Donald Van Slochem, Wellesley, MA, daughters Maggie '16 and Elizabeth '18 and