PRISM is an acronym for Personal Records and Information for Saint Mary's.


Saint Mary’s College offers parents the opportunity to view selected College related information about their daughters through PRISM. Students have complete control of their information in PRISM and also have the option to give their parents their own User ID and PIN to view pre-selected information (so the parents would not need to use the student’s User ID and PIN). Complete instructions through FAQs can be found below. Questions about PRISM for Parents can be addressed to

For set-up information see Instructions for Students and Instructions for Parents.


USER ID:  You can find your PRISM User ID on the address label located on the back of your Courier Magazine.

Having Trouble Logging-in?

If you experience difficulty logging onto the Belle Network, please send an e-mail; explaining the nature of your problem, to the Office of Alumnae Relations.

Please be sure to include the following information in your e-mail:

• Your FULL Name
(First, Middle and Last Name)
•Your Address
•Your Class Year
• Your Date of Birth

If this is your first time to login, enter your SMC/User ID (e.g. 980099999) and your six-digit birth date (e.g. 010161 for January 1,1961). If your birthday does not work as your PIN, simply re-enter the last six digits of your User ID. After you have successfully logged on for the first time, you will be required to select a new PIN.

If you have logged on before simply enter your User ID and personally selected PIN.

If you can't remember your PIN, enter your User ID and select the "Forget PIN?" button on the login page, or contact the Office of Alumnae Relations as noted to the right.

If you have "disabled" your access, contact the Office of Alumnae Relations as noted to the right.


Updated 09.07.16