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SMC to ND Master of Science in Management 4+1

Saint Mary’s College and the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business have partnered to offer accelerated bachelor’s to master’s programs. For Saint Mary’s students who meet the criteria for entry, Notre Dame offers guaranteed advanced admission to a Master of Science in Management that can be completed with one additional year of coursework or less.

How it Works

Saint Mary’s undergraduate students may pursue a five-year pathway to complete a bachelor’s degree in any non-business field at the College and a Master of Science in Management at Notre Dame. Because Notre Dame’s Master of Science in Management program is designed for students with no previous background or education in business, this pathway is open to students pursuing any degree at the College other than a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Students from Saint Mary’s will be accepted into ND’s Master of Science in Management program during the early application period (typically September) each academic year for an anticipated June start date.

To be considered, students must meet the following criteria:

  • complete a bachelor’s degree at the College by May in advance of the program’s start date in June of the same year

  • complete the following courses:

    • ECON 251: Principles of Macroeconomics

    • ECON 252: Principles of Microeconomics

    • MATH 114: Introduction to Statistics or

    • MATH 346: Statistics (one or both)

  • complete less than 20 hours of courses with a business administration (BUAD) designation

  • an overall minimum G.P.A. of 3.50

  • pay the deposit for admitted students to Notre Dame 30 days after notification of admission

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First-Year Students

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Current Saint Mary’s Students

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