Women in STEM

The US Department of Commerce recently reported that women only occupy 24% of the nation's STEM jobs. This a shocking number when you consider that women make up 48% of the country’s workforce.  Job openings in STEM industries are projected to grow by over 19% in the next decade making it more important than ever!   Saint Mary's Biology program focuses on the development of the necessary skills to ensure the success of women in their academic and career goals within science and technology.  Our program focuses not only on exposing and training our students on the latest research methods and technology but further works to develop critical thinking skills and analysis.  Whether your passion is environmental biology, zoology, cell/molecular biology, physiology, genetics, or neuroscience, we guarantee you will develop the necessary skills to take your biology degree to the next level.  You will find our alumnae utilizing these technical skills in a variety of positions around the world!   We invite you to learn more about women in STEM around the globe!

Women in STEM: an editorial exploration on the state of women in STEM with several interviews from women in the industry and a collection of scholarships. http://www.bestcolleges.com/resources/women-in-stem/

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