Justice Education Alumnae

Alumnae Voices

Alumnae share their stories and experiences with the Justice Education Department at Saint Mary's College.

"The Justice Ed Courses are unlike any other courses in my undergraduate studies. I really value the interdisciplinary aspect of the Justice Education program as it helped me to integrate my own values and believes into areas such as art, literature, and psychology among others. I have realized that Justice Education courses never end - they go far behyong the final reflection, the final paper, and the final grade. As I maneuver my way through the real world, my studies continue. When examining issues of today's society, I do it through the eyes of my Justice Education degree. My ability to analyze social concerns critically and from my faith perspective has helped me feel equippied and motivated to develop responses. I see such a difference picture of the world now, and have a much broader perspective. The program has enriched my identity as a person of faith and as a global citizen. The Justice Education program has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my undergraduate years."

- Angela Fox, Class of 2002

"I spent four years at Saint Mary's College, arriving in the fall of 1997 and graduating in May 2001. It was an amazing learning experience for me, in so many ways. And if all the things I learned where quantifiable, I would have to say I learned the most from the Justice Education Department. I felt held, safe, at home in my Justice Education classes. I was also pushed into broader and deeper work - work that shaped the person I have become, wrk that moved me in ways I didn't know possible. It was an amazing experience. An experience I challenge every Saint MAry's student to accept and to embrace."

- Maureen Capillo, Class of 2001

"I can say that I am forvere grateful for the skills and values I have taken with me from my experience within the Justice department. My education not only helped shape my vales and principles, but it also empwoered me to enter the world with a firm notion that my work is neccessary and important. I learned that social justice is not about clearly defining right and wrong, rather it is about showing compassion, asking questions, seeking answers and instituting change."

- Amy Jensby, Class of 2004