Why Study Math and Computer Science?

A hyperbolic triangle on the Poincaré disk using the Gauss-Bonnet theorem to calculate area.
A hyperbolic triangle on the Poincaré
disk using the Gauss-Bonnet theorem
to calculate area.

Graduates in mathematics have many career options. A small sampling of recent choices include: actuarial science, banking, systems engineering, managerial consulting, managerial training, computer consulting, scientific program analysis, bio-analysis, mathematical consulting, statistics, economic modeling, and teaching at all levels. Some of the employers of recent mathematics graduates from Saint Mary's include companies such as IBM, General Electric, General Motors, Pittsburgh Plate and Glass, Magnavox, Marathon Oil, Bethlehem Steel, TRW, Andersen Consulting, Ernst and Young, Motorola, and Ford Motor Company.

Current undergraduates have a unique opportunity to learn about how a mathematics degree is used on the job when they attend "After Math", a department sponsored forum. Many recent mathematics graduates return to Saint Mary's for this program, during which they describe their experiences on the job. Students ask questions and make valuable contacts during and after the program.

The following is a sample of the positions held by recent graduates:

  • Information Technology Consultant, Ernst and Young
  • Scientific Systems Programmer, Allied Signal Technical Services
  • Total Benefits Administrator, Hewitt Associates
  • Application Developer, Arthur Andersen Technology Solutions
  • System Analyst, American Express Financial Advisors
  • Associate Developer, Cambridge Technology Partners
  • Computer Analyst, State Farm Insurance
  • High School Math Teacher, Oregon-Davis School Corporation
  • Data Analyst, Morningstar
  • Underwriter, Liberty Mutual
  • Computer Applications Engineer, Ford Motor Company
  • Analyst, Discover Card