Arabic Language Program

Small class size, with an average student to faculty ratio of 9:1. Faculty get to know you and guide you.


  • MLAR 101-102: Introductory Arabic I & II: (4 credits). This two-semester sequence is a basic introduction to all aspects of the Arabic language through a comprehensive and integrated method. The focus is on language proficiency in all areas of the language including speaking, oral comprehension, reading, and writing. The course also introduces students to aspects of Arabic and Islamic culture and everyday life in the Middle East.
  • MLAR 103-104: Arabic Conversation and Reading I & II: Designed to develop the ability to hold everyday conversation in Arabic and to introduce the student to Arabic cultures. Recommended for students interested in study abroad in an Arabic-speaking country.


هل تحب/ي أي معلومات تانية؟

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