Where do people speak Italian?

  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • San Marino
  • Vatican City
  • Monaco

M Newell in ItalyItalian Study Abroad Programs

Saint Mary's College encourages foreign study as an essential part of a liberal arts education. The Department of Modern Languages regularly sends its majors, minors and other interested students to summer, semester or year-long programs in foreign countries; there is no better way to learn a language and culture than through the day-to-day experience of life in a foreign country. Study at Saint Mary's campus in Rome is strongly encouraged for students considering a minor in Italian. Learn more about the Saint Mary's College Rome Programs below.


Minor in Italian

  • Four courses (12 hours) at the 200 level or above
    • MLIT 220 Advanced Italian Conversation and Composition - 3 hours
    • MLIT 310 Advanced Italian Grammar - 3 hours
    • MLIT 320 Italian Cinema 1945-1965 - 3 hours
    • MLIT 350 Italian Short Story - 3 hours
    • MLIT 360 Italian Cultural Studies - 3 hours
    • MLIT 497 Independent Study (when appropriate) 1-3 hours

Meet the faculty

Umberto Taccheri

Umberto Taccheri
associate professor


Peter Checca

Peter Checca
senior lecturer (emeritus)

Nancy D'Antuono

Nancy D'Antuono
professor (emerita)

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