At Saint Mary’s, the college experience includes the wholeness of each student. We want you to share who you are on every level—your ideas, interests, everything you care about, even your uncertainties. We support all of what makes you unique. By placing emphasis on the whole person, our culture of belonging fosters resilience. Here, students are invited to step out of isolation and into community. Saint Mary’s is a place where all students matter. 

  • 83%of SMC students participate in service
  • 510clubs and activities between Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame
  • 99%of students rank SMC as Good or Excellent

Your Place is Here

We have over 510 clubs and organizations between Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame that you can participate in. You’re sure to find something that interests you. There’s plenty of room for leadership growth too! Our student government association (SGA) is one of five active student leadership groups that help define campus life. 

Be Who You Are

It is built into the fabric of the College that Saint Mary’s embodies a culture of belonging, where people matter. We are a community committed to human dignity, invigorated by difference, and prepared to promote inclusion and justice into their future communities and workplaces. Through our Office of Student Equity, LGBTQ+ Center, Multicultural Services and Student Programs, ours is a campus culture where all feel valued.

All Faiths Welcome

We are a Catholic college which welcomes students, faculty, and staff from all faith backgrounds. Here, social justice, equality, and the respect for the dignity for all people calls us to respond. Campus Ministry, the Center for Spirituality, or the Office for the Common Good offer retreats, service opportunities, liturgies, lectures, and more.

  • Dare to feel. Our concern for a troubled world drives us to action. 
  • Take on issues of social justice through life changing service opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally. 
  • Participate in moral and ethical discussions in a respectful and supportive atmosphere.

Meet Fellow Belles

Exploration. Compassion. Leadership. Confidence. Our students are more than their major, and more than their interests. We’re not cookie cutter young women here. We’ve got varied interests, varied futures, varied goals. Read about our Belles, their stories, their passions, and we’re confident you’ll find a place for yourself in there.