Meet the Staff

                       Campus Ministry Staff                                                                                                                            Campus Ministry Staff

Regina C. Wilson

Director of Campus Ministry
164 Regina Hall
(574) 284-5382

Regina Wilson, Assistant Director, has been in church ministry for over 25 years in various capacities, from parish music director to hospital chaplain. She holds a master's degree in music from the University of Portland and a Master of Divinity from the University of Notre Dame. Since 2005 she has been a member of the Campus Ministry staff at Saint Mary's College. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International and a Benedictine Oblate, and she lives in South Bend with her husband and two daughters.


Emily Sipos-Butler

162 Regina Hall
(574) 284-5369

Emily Sipos-Butler joins Campus Ministry this year as
a part-time campus minister. She has engaged in a variety of ministries at the parish level, participated in ecumenical dialogue and community work, and taught justice education at St. Mary’s College and through adult faith formation groups. She holds a Master of Divinity from Notre Dame. She is happy to be back at Saint Mary’s and particularly in campus ministry. She still enjoys French and Russian languages (her undergraduate majors) and loves raising three daughters with her husband in South Bend.


Father John Pearson, CSC

158 Regina Hall
(574) 284-5390

Fr John Pearson, CSC, is a Holy Cross priest, a native of the south side of Chicago. Since his ordination in 1973 he has served as a parish priest, received a law degree and taught law for 15 years at Notre Dame while being chaplain to graduate students as a member of Notre Dame’s Campus Ministry department. After finishing at Notre Dame he became part of Campus Ministry here at Saint Mary’s in the fall of 2006. He loves murder mysteries, but doesn’t have time to read them and loves the Chicago Cubs who have not been in the World Series since he was eight months old. More importantly, he loves being at Saint Mary’s and being privileged to preside and preach at Mass for this community.


Jess Mannen

160 Regina Hall
(574) 284-5392

Jess Mannen is brand new at Saint Mary's this year, working part-time in the area of liturgical music ministry while she finishes her Master of Divinity at Notre Dame. She earned a bachelor's degree from Notre Dame in music and theology in 2009. Since graduating, she has worked as a campus ministry intern, a music minister and youth minister in Ireland and an assistant rector in a Notre Dame residence hall. Jess grew up in Oregon, but her upcoming wedding secures her as a South Bend resident for a long time to come.


Paulette Kluge

Administrative Assistant
161 Regina Hall
(574) 284-5391