The Core Values of Saint Mary’s College


We commit ourselves to academic excellence and foster an environment where all members of the community learn with and from each other. The liberal arts form the foundation for learning.

The value of Learning encourages us to become a community of learners. It directs us to plan creatively for education that meets the needs of a changing pluralistic society. A learning community engages in a wide variety of critical perspectives in its ongoing search for truth. The diversity of the individuals that comprise a learning community provides our students with a wide range of human experiences and relationships.


We sustain a vital community where each member is valued and where all are bound by a common purpose. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, we are called to share responsibility for the success of the College’s mission.

The value of Community helps us to create an authentic community within society. This community is formed by individuals who understand, honor, and celebrate diversity as a necessary prerequisite to unity. It is this unity that leads the community toward a common vision and the fulfillment of the College’s mission.


We commit ourselves to meeting the spiritual needs of members of all faith traditions. We encourage and support members as they grow spiritually and as they lead lives of faith.

The value of Faith/Spirituality strengthens us to be intentional in providing an environment in which community members can live out their personal spiritual and intellectual lives of the College community.


We respect all persons because of their God-given dignity. We act as responsible stewards of resources both on and beyond campus. We advocate social action and practice principles of justice and compassion.

The value of Justice challenges us to reaffirm our commitment to overcome prejudice and change systems that oppress. Justice also challenges the College to continue to develop programs which affirm human dignity in the workplace. It invites us to make an active commitment to diversity.