Holy Cross Education, Tied to Our Mission

Discover yourself, the universe, and your place in it. It’s not a marketing tagline, but a promise Sister Madeleva Wolff, CSC, made to new students when she was president (1934-1961). Sister Madeleva’s words reflect the spirit of Saint Mary’s mission statement: “…the College is an academic community where (students) develop their talents and prepare to make a difference in the world.”

Discovery that makes a difference in the world is achieved through education. Holy Cross education is where faith and knowledge converge.

“Even though we base our philosophy on faith, no one need fear that we will confine our teaching within narrow and unscientific boundaries. We will accept the discoveries of science without prejudice, and in a manner adapted to the needs of our times. We do not want our students to be ignorant of anything they should know.” ~Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, founder of the Holy Cross congregations, Circular Letter 36, 1849

Discover your:

  • Interests while building a foundation of knowledge, faith, and social responsibility.
  • Passion while taking liberal arts courses with a student-faculty ration of 10:1.

Discover the universe and your place in it through service, internships and study abroad opportunities in 30 countries. 

Make a difference in the world with the faith and reason, creativity, knowledge, abilities, and confidence you refine at Saint Mary’s College.