Interfolio is an on-line credential management system used to organize any files necessary for students to apply to graduate school or full-time positions that would require a portfolio or numerous documents in the application process. Students can upload job search and graduate application materials such as:  completed applications, letters of recommendation [confidential and non-confidential], writing samples, personal statements or essays, transcripts, and more!


Writing and Uploading Letters in Interfolio

As a faculty or staff member, students may ask you to write a recommendation for them. You can do this at no cost to you. Because you control the Letter of Recommendation, you are still able to upload a Confidential Letter of Recommendation if you choose. The student will be unable to view the content of the letter but will know that they have a letter in their account. There are two separate ways to load Letters of Recommendation for students on their Interfolio account:

1.  Electronic Upload:

  • The student will email you a candidate request form and document ID that is specific to their account.
  • Create or login to your free Interfolio writer's account.
  • On the Write Recommendations page, enter the document id from the candidate's request form.
  • Browse for your document and upload it.


2.  Mail in a paper copy of your recommendation:

  • If you would prefer to mail in a paper copy of the recommendation, the student will provide you with a request letter (they can print it out) that has the document ID and/or bar code.
  • Print and sign your letter of recommendation
  • Mail the letter and the candidate's request form to Interfolio at:

                        Interfolio, Inc.
                        Paper Processing Center
                        1900 L Street NW
                        Suite #603
                        Washington, DC 20036

*It is extremely important that you mail the candidate request form with your recommendation. This is how Interfolio can link your recommendation to the correct student.


Setting Up Your Interfolio Writer’s Account

  • Click on this link to set-up an account
  • Fill in the necessary fields.
    • Affiliation: There are two options for Saint Mary’s affiliations.
    • If you have a student who has obtained a Pre-Health Interfolio account, the correct affiliation is: Saint Mary’s College, IN—PreMed
    • If the student is using the general account their affiliation is: Saint Mary’s College- IN
    • Once you have obtained an Interfolio Writer’s account, you may follow the procedures for uploading a document in your preferred method.