Post-graduate service is an excellent opportunity for you to gain valuable experience while using your unique talents, gifts, and strengths to help advance mission-driven nonprofits and organizations. Nearly 10% of Saint Mary’s graduates pursue post-grad service programs such as the Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, AmeriCorps, Maggie’s Place, Lalanne, City Year, among many others.

Most post-grad service programs have a 1-2 year placement and can be stateside or abroad. Many programs offer a living stipend, room and board or community living, transportation to and from the site, student loan deferment or reimbursement, and other financial benefits. Programs can be secular or faith-based with a focus on social justice, spirituality, simple living, and community.

Questions to ask yourself and discern to select programs that are the best for you include:

  • What do I feel called to do? 
  • What issues are important to me?
  • Do I want to engage in direct service? With any particular populations? 
  • Do I prefer a faith-based or secular organization?
  • Would I like to live with other volunteers or independently?
  • Where would I like to live: urban/rural/suburban area? A particular geographical location?
  • What are my financial needs?

Make an appointment with us to learn more about the benefits of post-grad service and which options are the best fit for you!

Resources for Finding Programs

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