At the Career Crossings Office, we know the important role parents and family members play in students’ success at Saint Mary’s College. You can be assured that your student has access to the most up-to-date resources and services for their career development. Moreover, our career resources and support don’t stop at graduation. Every Saint Mary’s graduate has access to our wealth of knowledge and career services for life

Personalized Career Services for Your Student’s Success

From their first day of classes to graduation, your student’s journey at Saint Mary’s College is designed to nurture their unique talents and guide them toward fulfilling careers. At the Career Crossings Office, we believe in a personalized career development approach, providing tailored career services that empower each student to navigate their career path with confidence.

From help choosing a major and exploring career paths to resume and cover letter writing assistance and mock interviews, our comprehensive career resources ensure your student has the tools they need to navigate their career path with confidence.

Assistance with choosing a major

Finding the right program is instrumental to the foundation of career development and growth at Saint Mary’s College. We help guide students in choosing a major and exploring career options that align with their interests.

Internship searching

We help students in their internship search through one-on-one counseling to explore their goals, hone their search techniques and guide them toward the best opportunities. Our comprehensive career resources uncover a world of possibilities, ensuring each student’s internship experience aligns with their unique career development goals and needs.

Job searching

For many, job searching can seem like a full-time job. To streamline the process, we offer extensive career resources to equip students with the tools to network effectively, research and apply for job opportunities, connect with potential employers and more.

Resume and cover letter writing

Our experienced staff are here to assist students with resume and cover letter writing, developing and fine-tuning all job search correspondence to make a positive impact on employers.

Networking and interviewing skills

Perhaps the most challenging part of the career development process to develop and master, networking and interviewing skills are critical to the success of any search. Through mock interviews, individual counseling sessions, networking coaching and a wide range of other career resources, we have the tools to help students develop these essential skills.

Graduate and professional school preparation

In addition to assisting with job searches, our career services team helps students explore graduate and professional schools, research funding options, craft compelling personal statements and prepare for entrance exams. We also serve as the primary hub for pre-law advising.

Exploring postgraduate service options

Saint Mary’s students don’t just go on to careers after graduation. They also explore alternative opportunities such as volunteering and service. Our office provides resources on discerning these postgraduate service options and helps students find, apply for and land these opportunities.

On-campus recruiting

Employers and organizations from various industries recruit on campus and virtually for jobs, internships and programs. They post opportunities to Handshake and conduct interviews, information sessions and information tables in which students are encouraged to participate in and explore options offered by the employers.

Programs and events

We host several programs and events focused on career development throughout the year. Some of these include:

  • First-Year Outreach Program
  • Sophomore Springboard
  • Junior Jumpstart
  • Senior Startup
  • Internship Preparation Workshops
  • Graduate School Preparation Workshops
  • Success After Saint Mary’s
  • Alumnae Speakers

Learn More About Career Resources at Saint Mary’s

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