Internship Checklist

Download the PDF version of the checklist.

Step 1:  Know yourself.

_____    I have identified my personal strengths, skills, interests, and values.

_____    I have made a list of possible job titles/fields of interest.

_____    I can name two or three careers/jobs I plan to pursue.


Step 2:  Know where you want to intern.

_____    I have researched organizations/companies that might hire an intern with my skills, interests and background.

_____    I have researched potential career fields:  typical internships, paid/unpaid opportunities, best geographic locations for internships, etc.

_____    I have identified 10 potential employers for the type of internship I’m seeking.


Step 3:  Get ready for the search.

_____    I have registered with and updated my profile on Go BELLES.

_____    I have my résumé and cover letter(s) reviewed by a professional in the field or a staff member at the CCO.

_____    I have prepared a portfolio of my work to highlight my experience, skills and talents.

_____    I have developed my “30-second speech” for short encounters with employers.

_____    I have identified three individuals who will serve as references.

_____    I have developed my interview skills.

_____    I have prepared for interviews by practicing my responses to typical questions and/or doing a mock interview.

_____    I have interview attire that is appropriate for the field in which I plan to work.

_____    I have a professional-sounding answering machine/voice mail message in case an employer calls.

_____    I have a neutral/professional e-mail address to give to employers.

_____    My online profile (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) will not cause “red flags” with employers during my search.


Step 4:  Start searching.

_____    I have uploaded my résumé(s) to the Go BELLES site.

_____    I regularly check the Go BELLES site for internship opportunities.

_____    I have a system for keeping track of my contacts, interviews and other internship search activities.

_____    I follow-up on every interesting internship lead immediately.

_____    I have developed a list of potential networking contacts and keep in touch with them.

_____    I follow-up each cover letter with a phone call or e-mail to the employer requesting an interview.

_____    I send thank you letters or e-mails to every person who interviews me.

_____    I am persistent and patient in pursuing opportunities (internship searching takes time and effort!).