Internship FAQ's

What is an internship?

An internship can be defined as a work experience that relates to a student’s academic major and career goals.

What are the benefits of an internship?

Besides receiving experience in a work setting, you can learn more about a specific field or occupation, test yourself and the position to see if you would enjoy that field, begin to develop your network, expand your existing knowledge of any field, and develop career-related skills and abilities. Perhaps above all, you will gain marketability upon graduation. Many employers now hire interns to test them out as potential employees. Some interns are offered positions near the beginning of their senior year from the company for whom they interned. Employers are increasingly expecting an internship to be completed sometime during the college process.

Will I get paid?

Each internship varies. Being paid depends on the field in which you enter as well as the organization or company with whom you are working. Some interns are paid well, some interns are paid minimally, and some interns complete an internship for the experience and networking unpaid.

When should I do an internship?

Typically, internships are completed the summer after the junior year of college. However, obtaining an internship earlier in your college career gives you more exposure to different types of work and work settings. You also can test out various fields and network with more employers if you begin your internship process earlier. Generally, students complete internships during the summer months but sometimes internships are done during the school year.

How do I find an internship?

Finding an internship is much like finding a job. You will use the same strategies and resources that you could use to begin your job search, so be sure to read the section on Job Searching in this guide for more information. Some people who may be helpful in your internship search could include the CCO staff, Go BELLES website, faculty members and your network of friends, family, and professional contacts!  Also, check out the online resources for internships as well.

Can I do an internship for class credit?

Yes, you can. Each department is different and a faculty member that specifically coordinates the internships for credit option. To get started, talk with your faculty advisor about this option.

Can I have an internship and work at the same time?

Working while interning is dependent upon the internship. Some internships will consist of 40 hour weeks and so holding a job at the same time may prove difficult; but some may only require 25-30. The choice is left up to you, but the key is to be sure that your commitments do not overwhelm your ability to perform well at your internship or job site as well as academically.

Where can I intern?

Internships are available all throughout South Bend, the state of Indiana, across the country, and even abroad. So truly the choice is up to you when looking for internships. The CCO staff are available to talk with you about your internship goals and options.