Résumé Types

Chronological Résumé

A chronological résumé is the most common type of résumé for college students. It lists your work experience in reverse chronological order. So, your most recent work experience is listed first, then the one prior to that and so on. Because a chronological résumé is sequenced by dates, it is customary to clearly list the dates of your employment, internships, education and related activities.

Functional Résumé

A functional résumé organizes your experience by job function rather than by time. It emphasizes your abilities, rather than your career history. For instance, a functional résumé could be divided into headings, such as Leadership Experience, Teambuilding Experience, Psychology Experience or other relevant headings.

Combination Résumé

As the name implies, a combination résumé format combines the functional and chronological résumé formats. A combination résumé format may be a more desirable variant of a functional résumé. Here the functional aspects of your career are highlighted within a chronological format.


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