Parents and Family as Career Coaches

Many parents and family members are eager and interested in learning more about what the Career Crossings Office at Saint Mary’s College has to offer students. We have created a list of frequently asked questions parents and family members may have about career services at Saint Mary's.

How can parents and families serve as effective "career coaches" for students?

  1. Encourage your students to explore and develop their interests through co-curricular activities, leadership positions, community service, study abroad, research opportunities, summer jobs, and internships.
  2. Motivate your students to take advantage of all career services - individual career counseling, workshops, job fairs, résumé services, resources, internships, Handshake online database of jobs and internships, employer recruiting, and more!
  3. Introduce interesting career options that students may not have considered.
  4. Promote SMC’s CCO with your company as a source of talent to fill internship, part time, and full time positions.

Can parents and family meet with the CCO staff to discuss students' career options?

We are pleased to provide career information to parents and family members; however, it is important that students assume primary responsibility for their own career development. Please encourage your student to make an appointment with us to discuss career concerns.

When can my student begin using the CCO services and resources?

Once a student is enrolled, she can access all of our services and resources! 

What help is available for students who need help choosing a major?

Students who are “undecided” or in the “still deciding” phase should make an appointment with us During the appointment, we will discuss career assessments and options as well as an individual “career action plan.” Students will be encouraged to participate in various career exploration activities including research, job shadowing, and informational interviewing. In addition, we will assist her in exploring academic majors at Saint Mary’s and getting connected to academic advisors to discuss course requirements, plans of study, and career options associated with the majors.

Where can I find out about information about career events on campus?

Handshake lists upcoming career events and programs hosted by our office and other partnering institutions and organizations.

Do you have resources for locating internships?

We post all internship opportunities on Handshake. Students can also access other sites for exploring national and international internships. Students can also make an appointment with us to learn how to search for internship opportunities. 

What if a student wants to get academic credit for her internship?

Each department has its own crediting procedure for internships. Students who are interested in gaining credit for their internship should contact their department chair or academic advisor to get started. 

My student needs a part-time and/or summer job to defray college costs. How can the CCO help?

Employers list their part-time and summer jobs on Handshake. Students can also search for on-campus student employment during the academic year on Handshake. Questions regarding campus student employment during the academic year should be directed to Financial Aid at We also keep a list of potential near-campus, part-time opportunities for students.

If a student wants to work on campus during the summer, she will need to contact the Office of Human Resources. We can assist your daughter in writing resumes and cover letters, job searching (locally, nationally, and internationally), and preparing for interviews.

How does CCO help my student explore post-graduate options?

We work with students to discover their true passions, interests, talents, and gifts! Whether it is pursuing employment, graduate or professional school, or postgraduate service programs, we are here to support students wherever their hearts take them! We provide support and encouragement for students to explore options and make well-informed decisions about their futures.

What salaries are new graduates in various fields earning?

The quarterly salary survey developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is available to students and a reliable resource for researching starting salaries. Students can contact us at to learn more about accessing this resource and researching salaries. The O*NET also provides reliable salary information on occupations.