Physics Major

The physics program is designed to cultivate student knowledge of the laws that govern nature. We offer courses in physics that range from astronomy to quantum mechanics. The Minor in Physics, the B.A. and B.S. in Physics support a wide variety of interests preparing our students to succeed in graduate school and medical school, professions in industry and education, as well as military service.

The B.S. in Physics is a curriculum designed for students interested in attending graduate school in physics. The B.A. in Physics is highly flexible, making it possible to combine studies in physics with other fields, thereby supporting careers in biophysics, computational modeling, economic modeling, engineering, history of science, medicine, nuclear science, philosophy of science, and physical chemistry.

For those interested in a career in aerospace, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering, the degrees offered in physics nicely complement the Five-Year Dual Degree Program in Engineering with the University of Notre Dame.

The Experience
In the Physics program at Saint Mary's the focus is on you. Small classes give you hands-on experiences that foster a student community and allow opportunities to participate in research with faculty. The advanced physics laboratory provides each student with a platform to explore topics of interest.

The Requirements
As a senior, you conduct research on a topic in physics, collaborating closely with a faculty member. You present your findings to the department to demonstrate your mastery of the subject. This senior comprehensive project is designed to prepare seniors for successful careers.

The Writing
As part of your senior comprehensive project and the advance writing proficiency requirements, you'll submit a research paper. The papers are based on a directed research project of your choice. Here is your opportunity to showcase your writing, your unique scientific perspective, and your communication skills.