American History Minor

Study the past to inform your future with a minor in American history, European history, majority world history, women's history, or general history. As an American history minor, explore the political, social, and economic history of the United States from before colonial and revolutionary years to the present, like the American West and the history of women in the United States, and how they have all shaped our present-day society.

Minor in American History (12 hours)

Twelve hours above the 100 level in the desired area.

  • HIST 201 United States History to 1865
  • HIST 202 United States History since 1865
  • HIST 304 Colonial and Revolutionary History of the United States
  • HIST 309 The Gilded Age, U.S. 1865–1898
  • HIST 310 America Comes of Age, 1898–1929
  • HIST 311 America in Crisis, 1932–1960
  • HIST 312 Recent America: 1960 to the present
  • HIST 321 The American West
  • HIST 324 History of Women in the U.S.
  • HIST 331 The American South
  • HIST 341 African-American History
  • HIST 412 American Girlhoods
  • HIST 416 History of Religion in America
  • HIST 418 History of Death and Dying in the United States