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Do it all

The humanistic studies (HUST) major at Saint Mary’s is an exciting, interdisciplinary program that invites you to think across traditional departmental boundaries. Perfect for the student who is fascinated by multiple topics such as history, literature, art, philosophy, and religion — a major in humanistic studies allows you to embrace the rich and complex ways in which all disciplines overlap and influence each other.

Here, you don’t have to choose between English or history or art — it’s all combined into one major. With careful planning, you can even double major while spending a semester (or year!) abroad.

  • 71% of HUST majors study abroad
  • 10:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 96% said Saint Mary’s prepared them well or very well for graduate school
Adrienne Whisman is a Humanistic Studies major

“My education has provided me with an understanding that we all have this common humanity even when we’re from different cultures.”
— Adrienne Whisman '17

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Find community with like-minded individuals

Our ‘book club’ style seminars foster a tight-knit community where you will work as a team and form friendships for life in a powerful alumnae network. Meeting daily with the same classmates promotes in-depth seminar discussion. Together with your professors as experts in their fields, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring global cultures from the Greeks and Romans to the present.

Education for a lifetime,
preparation for a career

In HUST, your love of history and literature can get you a job. Coursework in humanistic studies prepares you to think critically and develop the advanced analytical, communication, and media skills needed in a rapidly changing economy. Our students have gone into careers in law, museum work, data analysis, business, teaching, publishing, human resources, sales, and more.

And if you want to go to graduate school, your options are endless with a HUST degree. Our alumnae have gone on to graduate programs in public history, law, the digital humanities, library science, public health communications, education, public policy, and more.

Meet world class historians and writers

Margaret Atwood at Saint Mary'sThe Department of Humanistic Studies brings a well-known cultural figure to campus each year in the Christian Culture Lecture. Past lecturers include Margaret Atwood, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Reza Azlan, Krista Tippett, and many others. Humanistic studies majors have a chance to meet and converse with the lecturer.

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