European History Minor

Explore the political, social, and economic history of Europe from classical times to the present. Study specific topics like medieval civilization and history of modern European women, among many others. With this minor, you will have an advanced knowledge not only of important people and events in European History, but also how they have shaped our present-day society.

Minor in European History (12 hours)

  • HIST 370 History of Modern European Women

One of the following:

  • HIST 342 History of Classical Greece
  • HIST 343 Classical Rome
  • HIST 344 Medieval Civilization
  • HIST 345 Christianity and the Making of Europe
  • HIST 347 Renaissance and the Reformation
  • HIST 365 History of England to 1066

One of the following:

  • HIST 348 Origins of Modern Europe
  • HIST 349 Great Lives and Minds: From Renaissance to Enlightenment
  • HIST 350 Great Lives and Minds: From Enlightenment to Existentialism
  • HIST 359 Europe in the 19th Century: 1815–1914
  • HIST 360 Europe in the 20th Century: 1914–Present
  • HIST 366 History of England, 1600–Present
  • HIST 369 History of Revolutionary France
  • HIST 371 The City in European History
  • HIST 382 Modern East/Central Europe
  • HIST 422 Living with the Enemy