Transferring Credits

As part of the application review process, the Office of Academic Affairs will evaluate your official college transcript(s) to determine which courses will transfer to Saint Mary's and how those credits will apply toward your graduation requirements. You will receive an evaluation upon admission to the college that indicates which credits have been accepted and which requirements must still be met in order to complete your Saint Mary's degree.

Credits will often transfer to help meet the general education requirements at Saint Mary's College. Each Saint Mary's student must satisfy these requirements, in addition to her major requirements, before she is eligible for graduation.

Transfer Credit Policy

The major departments determine how to apply courses taken in the major, and the Office of Academic Affairs determines how courses are applied to the Saint Mary's general education requirements based on the following conditions:

  1. A minimum of 128 credit hours are required to graduate from Saint Mary's College, and students are required to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours at the College.
  2. A maximum of 68 semester hours may be transferred.
  3. A maximum of one-half of the major requirements may be transferred.
  4. Credit will be granted only for a grade of C or better college-level coursework. Developmental coursework and technical courses do not transfer.
  5. No credit will be granted for courses which the student again enrolls in at Saint Mary's College.
  6. No college-level course which is used to satisfy an admission requirement may also be awarded college credit.
  7. No transfer credit will be accepted by Saint Mary's for courses which the student took before she completed her 11th year of school.
  8. All courses (both traditionally delivered and online) taken at regionally accredited universities and colleges will be evaluated for transfer credit.

Approval of courses is based on the official transcripts and course descriptions that you provide with your application. Any questions regarding the transfer of credits should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs at 574-284-4594.