Promotion of the Education Majors to Prospective Candidates

Students interested in education majors receive an email from the department describing the available programs once they are admitted to the College. The department has also hosted meet and greets at our Spring Day on Campus in 2017 and at Meet Me at The Avenue in 2018, which were promoted to prospective and admitted students, respectively. 

For STEM majors - as with education, students expressing interest in each STEM major receive an email from the respective department once they are admitted. We also send emails from the biology, chemistry, and physics departments to students who have not yet applied (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who have indicated an interest in those areas. In addition, our STEM departments host a STEM Preview Weekend for admitted students  and we have invited prospective students in the area to STEM Fall Poster Days.

All teacher education students admitted to education programs are made aware of the need for STEM, Special Education and ESL teachers. This is also a point of emphasis during academic advisement. The Education Department also provides informational materials about these fields in the form of "Rack Cards" which are available in the department office. Samples are shown below.

Become a Teacher Rack Card

ESL Rack Card

Exceptional Education Rack Card

Office of Admission | 2023–2024 Event Dates

Additionally, the St. Mary’s Admissions Office holds several recruitment events throughout the year. Education faculty members attend these events to promote their programs to prospective candidates. As part of their efforts, faculty provide prospective candidates program materials such as those shown above. As an example of recruitment events, the admissions calendar for 2024 is shown below.

  • Senior Preview Day – February 19, 2024
  • Meet Me at the Avenue and Presidential Scholars Breakfast – March 24, 2024
  • Spring Day on Campus – April 14, 2024
  • SMC Tailgate – September 6, 2024
  • Senior Preview Days – September 23 and October 14
  • Spotlight Saturday – November 2, 2024
  • Senior Preview Day – November 11, 2024