Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework is the foundation for all that happens in the unit. The unit’s vision and mission flow naturally from the College mission. Saint Mary’s College is an academic community where women develop their talents and prepare to make a difference in the world. It is the mission of the Saint Mary’s Education Department “to develop reflective decision-makers who are passionate, ethical school leaders, well prepared in the scholarship, methodology, and professionalism of teaching to successfully cultivate the diverse gifts of each student.”

Education Department graduates will have extensive professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions that enable them to deliver effective instruction using a wide variety of methodologies in a manner that is student-­centered and focused on individual needs. They will demonstrate compassion for the students and families they serve. Education Department graduates will be reflective practitioners and decision-­?makers who are able to analyze and grow from their teaching experiences throughout their professional careers. Grounded in a Constructivist philosophy, they seek to engage all learners, guided by the 3 elements of Scholarship. Mission, and Competence.

Additionally, the unit reconfirms its commitment to diversity and technology.