Imagine yourself studying in Ireland for a year and backpacking across Europe. This is the reality for many Humanistic Studies majors. In our program, the study of cultures enriches abroad experiences, and our eight core courses easily integrate into schedules, enabling students to spend a semester or year abroad.

Kathryn Marshall, class of 2017

“A HUST major is someone curious about the world." - Kathryn Marshall ’17 

After Kathryn's study abroad experience as a humanistic studies and biology double-major, she went on to pursue a master’s in environmental management of mountain areas in Italy and Austria.

Greece? China? France? An internship in London, England? These are all summer study possibilities, and HUST may be able to make it possible for you. Our study abroad scholarships are available to cover 20%-85% of the cost of these programs.

For more information on HUST study abroad opportunities, click here. Still have more questions, contact our department chair for more details.