Italian Program

To further enhance our program, language clubs and foreign study opportunities are available as well. Study at Saint Mary's campus in Rome is strongly encouraged for students considering a minor in Italian. Learn more about the Saint Mary's College Rome Program.


Minor in Italian (12 hours)

Required courses: (for a total of 4 courses):

At least two of the following courses:

  • MLIT 210 (or 210RM) Italian language and Literature
  • MLIT 306 Advanced Italian Conversation and Composition
  • MLIT 310 Advanced Italian Grammar

At least one of the following courses:

  • MLIT 303 (or 303RM) Introduction to Italian Literature I
  • MLIT 304 (or 304RM) Introduction to Italian Literature II
  • MLIT 320 (or 320RM) Italian Cinema
  • MLIT 340 Italian Renaissance
  • MLIT 350 Italian Short Story
  • MLIT 360 Italian Cultural Studies
  • MLIT 410 Dante and Italian Middle Ages
  • MLIT 425 Italy on Stage
  • MLIT 430 Modern Italian Novel


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