We’ve taught you the concepts in your major area of study, but we want to see you use them in a practical way. That’s why we have senior comprehensive projects, in each major, for each student, as a requirement for graduation.

Your senior comp is an important part of your Saint Mary’s education. Many of the skills employers expect are honed during your senior comp: problem solving, critical thinking, writing, research, and practical application of knowledge.

While all senior comps involve these skills, your comp will vary depending on your major, from extensive research papers to lab research to computer-based tests to student teaching. 

Bolstered by our challenging academics, and our mentoring faculty, the senior comp is the culmination of your education and prepares you for your career or advanced degree pursuits.

Recent and past senior comp projects:

  • The Effect of Media Exposure on Attitudes about Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (psychology)
  • The Goldilocks Effect: What Concentration of Linalool is the Most Effective for Attracting Pollinators to Hesperis matronalis? (biology)
  • Femininity through the perception of appearance and gender roles (studio art)
  • Attacking Masculinity: An Examination of Hegemonic Masculinity in Two Television Series (sociology)
  • A Survey on the Quality and Benefits of an Older Adult Guardianship Program (social work)
  • The Effects of International Monetary Fund Loans: Gross National Product and Inequality (political science)