In today’s professional world, there are no disciplinary boundaries. Science, business, law, media, the social sciences, engineering, the arts, religion, government, health care, education—no matter what field you enter, to succeed it takes a broadened perspective that’s been informed by knowledge of a wide array of academic fields, formed by the development of intellectual skills and habits of the mind, and transformed by engagement with the Holy Cross values of justice and compassion.

This is exactly what our distinctive Sophia Program is designed to deliver.

The Program

Unique to Saint Mary’s, the Sophia Program is part of what makes us one of the country’s top Catholic women’s liberal arts colleges. The Sophia curriculum empowers you with a depth of knowledge that will set you apart throughout your life.
Learning outcomes are focused for you to:

  • acquire knowledge
  • integrate learning
  • enhance cognitive and communicative skills
  • become global citizens through intercultural competence and social responsibility

Through information, formation, and transformation — the hallmarks of a Holy Cross education — you’ll learn to think creatively, communicate powerfully, and collaborate effectively. That’s Sophia. That’s wisdom.

The Result

Today’s leaders in business and industry are looking for professionals who come into their field with a well-rounded liberal arts background, strong intellectual skills, and commitments that reflect the heart of the Holy Cross identity. The Sophia Program is a learning experience that helps students develop the ability to think creatively, communicate powerfully, and collaborate effectively. These are the characteristics and strengths it takes to go beyond landing that dream job after you graduate, and instead, thriving in it.