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Because you’ll be engaged with and supported by faculty and peers. Because our academics are excellent and challenging. Because we’re about collaboration, not competition. And mentoring with both your professors and other students. And friendships for life.

And because...

An all-women’s education has provided me with the confidence to be myself, not only in the classroom, but in my everyday activities. I have no doubt that I will be successful throughout my life, in part, due to the impact that Saint Mary’s has had on me. - Jaclyn Schramm '17

Measurable Differences

According to studies gathered by the Women’s College Coalition, women who study at colleges for women:

  • score higher on standardized achievement tests.
  • are more likely to pursue traditionally male-dominated disciplines such as math and the sciences.
  • have an 81% chance of continuing their education after college.

Remarkable Achievers

While only 2% of American female college graduates attended a college or university for women, they tend to hold higher positions in their careers compared to their co-ed counterparts.

Women’s College grads represent:

  • 20% of the women in Congress
  • 30% of a Businessweek list of rising women in corporate America
  • 33% of the women board members of Fortune 1000 companies
  • 3 US Representatives

Compared to their co-ed counterparts, women’s college graduates:

  • are more than twice as likely to earn a doctoral degree or enter medical school.
  • are more likely to be “completely satisfied” with the overall quality of their education.
  • are more likely than flagship public university graduates to say that they felt better prepared for life after college.

So, the question isn’t “why a women’s college.” The question is, “Why wouldn’t you?”

5 Reasons You Should Apply to a Women's College

Women have claimed their stake as leaders in a variety of industries over the past few decades, no doubt due to the increasing enrollment rate of female students in colleges and universities. With such a high volume of women already exceeding the rigorous demands of higher education, why should young women consider attending an all-girls college? Read the article in the Huffington Post to find out.

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