Diversity Statement

The Career Crossings Office at Saint Mary’s College is dedicated to providing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where students and graduates of all identities are empowered to explore, discover, design, and pursue their own version of career success. We are committed to serving students, graduates, community members, and employers of all backgrounds and seek to provide comprehensive career services that reflect multicultural awareness and inclusion. We work to provide opportunities for students and graduates to explore their own intersectional identities, and to develop an understanding of the global and intercultural fluency needed for career success.

Inclusion, Compassion, and Respect are a critical part of our work:

  • We respect, recognize, appreciate, embrace, and advocate for all aspects of diversity.
  • We support all members of the Saint Mary’s community and welcome you to engage with us.
  • We invite conversations about identity and diversity at all stages of your career development.

Staff Acknowledgment

Career Crossings staff are committed to diverse and inclusive practices through all services and interactions with stakeholders, and each other. We believe the greatest outcomes are driven by the collaboration of diverse teams, experiences, and thought. We commit to:

  • Engage in open and honest dialogues about how to make ourselves and services more inclusive and equitable.
  • Strive to increase and enhance multicultural awareness and competencies in all of our staff through continued education, professional development, and equitable opportunities.
  • Work to understand our own intersectional identities and embrace the responsibility of upholding our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Acknowledge that building an inclusive office takes work and that the work is ongoing.
  • Encourage programs, activities, and practices that support and celebrate diversity at Saint Mary’s and in the larger community.

As members of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and National Career Development Association (NCDA), our staff are committed to upholding the standards of our profession:

Saint Mary’s Commitment to an Inclusive Campus Environment

Saint Mary’s is an equal opportunity employer supporting a culturally diverse educational and work environment. Career Crossings is committed to providing a supportive environment for all and reporting misconduct. If you or anyone you know has a concern within the Saint Mary’s community, please submit a report through the Office of Inclusion and Equity.

Adapted (with permission) from The Career Center at Florida State University’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement.