The Value of A Saint Mary's Education

Saint Mary's College has been empowering students to excel and lead in their chosen fields for more than 177 years. Our graduates develop the skills, knowledge, empathy, and vision to guide their corner of the world forward. Whether directing a global organization, serving the needs of humanity, or exploring the areas of scientific discovery, we're proud of our graduates and celebrate their successes.

of Saint Mary's graduates earned their degree in four years
of our students participate in internships and field experience
are employed full-time, enrolled in graduate school, or engaged in other full-time activitiy within one year of graduation
of graduates say that Saint Mary's empowered them to make a difference in the world

Real World Experience

At Saint Mary's, the knowledge you gain in the classroom is only part of your cumulative experience. Here we encourage you to get involved and take advantage as you develop your career path by working in the real world along the way. 

As you continue to explore academic degrees and career paths, check out what our alumnae have pursued after graduation!