Cellular/Molecular Concentration - Biology Major

All living things are made up of cells and each cell has its task, simple or complex. Study the systems of cells, DNA and RNA, proteins, and biosynthesis, and they all interact.

The Experience
Learn the foundations of biology and research methodology. Courses will focus on genetics, molecular and cellular biology, and microbiology. Labs designed for each subject will give you hands-on experience in your field. Outstanding faculty will provide individualized academic and career guidance every step of the way.

The Requirements
For your senior comprehensive, you’ll work closely with a faculty advisor on independent research of your choice. Throughout your project you’ll demonstrate your understanding of current biological principles and the scientific method. You’ll utilize skills learned through field and laboratory courses. Your findings are presented to the biology department at the conclusion of your research. 

The Writing
You’ll submit four pieces of scientific writing, including a committee-approved paper. The papers will be based on a directed research project of your choice. You'll showcase your strong writing skills and your unique scientific perspective.

The Results 
Recent cellular/microbiology graduates have been accepted in prominent graduate and medical schools, such as Harvard University School of Medicine and St. Louis University School of Public Health. They’ve become medical technologists, toxicologists, and cytogeneticists.