Payment Plan

Our payment plan allows you to cover the balance of your semester bill in equal installments. You must enroll each semester with a $30.00 enrollment fee that will be added to your overall balance.

How to set up payment plan

  • Login to your TouchNet account
  • Click on 'Payment Plan' tab
  • Click on 'Enroll Now'
  • Use the drop down to choose the correct term
  • Click 'Select'
  • Click 'Continue' after all information is reviewed

Payment Plan Notes

  • We strongly encourage you to complete all Saint Mary’s College scholarships as well as outside scholarships requirements.
  • We also encourage that all loan and financial aid processes are completed before you sign up for a payment plan. Failing to do so could result in your balance being much higher than you are expecting when you sign up.
  • If you are late on a payment, you could potentially incur a penalty.
  • If you are not enrolled in a payment plan or your account is not pay in full by the first Friday of each semester, you will be automatically enrolled into a payment plan with a penalty.

Fall Payment Plan Option

4 Payment Plan

  • Enrollment Fee = $30.00
  • Installment Due Date #1: August 15th
  • Installment Due Date #2: September 15th
  • Installment Due Date #3: October 15th
  • Installment Due Date #4: November 15th

Spring Payment Plan Option

4 Payment Plan

  • Enrollment Fee = $30.00
  • Installment Due Date #1: January 15th
  • Installment Due Date #2: February 15th
  • Installment Due Date #3: March 15th
  • Installment Due Date #4: April 15th

Summer Payment Plan Option

3 Payment Plan

  • Enrollment Fee = $30.00
  • Installment Due Date #1: May 15th
  • Installment Due Date #2: June 15th
  • Installment Due Date #3: July 15th