Saint Mary’s College offers the opportunity for students to add authorized users to their TouchNet account. This will allow authorized users to view their student’s bill, make payments on their account, and call and speak to a student accounts representative.

Please keep in mind, a Student Accounts Representative will not be able to speak with anyone calling on a student's behalf unless they are listed as an authorized user.

After the student creates a new authorized user, two emails will automatically be sent to the authorized user's email address. The first email will include a link to log into the system, along with a user name. The second email will provide a temporary password for the authorized user to use.

After completing this enrollment process, Authorized Users will have access to TouchNet directly.

How to Assign an Authorized User (to be completed by the student)

  • The student will need to login to TouchNet
  • On the right side of your webpage, you will see a box titled 'My Profile Setup'
  • Click 'Authorized Users'
  • Click 'Add Authorized User'
  • Provide the email address of the individual you are assigning as an Authorized User, answer two questions about which functions you wish them to have access to, and press 'Continue'


Information About Authorized Users

  • Authorized users will receive two email notifications explaining they have been set up as an authorized user. This email will contain the following items: a link to enter the Saint Mary’s College student account suite and a temporary password.
  • Click on the link provided in the email.
  • Authorized users must enter the email address and the temporary password that were provided.
  • Authorized users will be prompted to change their password.
  • Students and authorized users can view the student 1098T tax statement in TouchNet.