Step-by-Step Billing Process

Below you will find the details of the billing process for the Student Accounts Office.

Initial Billing

  • Billing statements for each student are published via the TouchNet system.
  • Saint Mary’s College does not provide a paper bill.
  • When statements are published, a statement notification email will be sent to each student at their email address as well as to Authorized Users email accounts.

When to Expect Your Billing Statement

  • Fall semester - mid-July
  • Winter/Spring semester - mid-December
  • Summer semester - mid-April

Continued Billing

  • Account changes made after the first initial billing will result in a new/updated billing statement being generated.
  • When a new/updated billing statement is published, a statement notification email will be sent to each student at their email address as well as to all authorized users email accounts.

Tuition Insurance Is Available

Saint Mary’s students have the ability to protect their college investment by purchasing tuition insurance each semester. This optional coverage expands the scope of our refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, room and board and other fees for unexpected, covered withdrawals at any time during the semester. Learn more about the Tuition Protection Plan at or call 877-794-6603.

Late Fees

  • A late fee will be placed on a student’s account after a seven (7) day grace period has been exceeded for a scheduled due date.
  • An email notice will be sent to each student at their email address each time a late fee is placed on an account.