Looking Forward

Sally ClemmerLiving in Holy Cross Hall with 350 other freshmen. 10:30 pm weekday and 11:30 pm weekend curfews. Required permission to wear slacks to Notre Dame football games. Starvation corner at dinner. These are just a few of the memories fondly recalled by Sally Blackley Clemmer ’68. Fueled by these memories and her love for Saint Mary’s, Sally and her husband, Dayne, decided to provide for Saint Mary’s in their will.

“I have so many favorite Saint Mary’s memories,” Sally shared, “but I think the best is Christmas, sophomore year, Queen’s Court, Le Mans Hall. Sherry Knight, Ronnie Vodicka, Teresa Buman, and I decorated Queen’s Court for the season. The four of us would go on to be roommates junior and senior year. I was so happy for the education, time spent, memories, and friendships developed at Saint Mary’s—several have lasted for more than 45 years—I wanted to return something to Saint Mary’s.”

Sally and Dayne have decided to include Saint Mary’s in their will. Their bequest will support students in the Department of Education by providing for both facilities and scholarships. They are happy to know that they will also be remembered with a physical memorial on campus.

Sally and Dayne say it was easy to put the bequest in motion. They requested papers from Saint Mary’s to document their intention to donate, and wrote their will specifying those intentions. Their desire is that their gift, along with gifts from others who have such fond memories of Saint Mary’s, will help keep Saint Mary’s the premier women’s college that it is today.

“Friendships, memories, and a sound education to last a lifetime—that is why we chose to donate to Saint Mary’s,” said Sally. “We want others to have the opportunity of their own wonderful experiences at Saint Mary’s College.”

November 10, 2015