Take a moment to browse this page to find helpful information and answers to our most frequently asked questions. You may also feel welcome to contact us at (574) 284-4778 or by email at camps@saintmarys.edu

Gift Certificates & Sponsorships

Share the Gift of Camp

Our summer programs are a great gift to buy for the camper in your life. More information about purchasing a summer gift can be found here.

Sponsor a Camper

Each year, we receive scholarship requests for our summer programs. If you are interested in either sponsoring a camper or contributing to a specific summer program, please email us at camps@saintmarys.edu. Thank you for your contribution!

Scholarships, Expense Money, & Refunds

Scholarship InformationCamp 2017

Early Registration discounts will be available for select summer camps. To see the cost associated with each of our programs and early-bird deadlines, please navigate to that specific summer program page.

We have a generous amount of scholarships available for the following summer programs:

  • Fine Arts Camp
  • Junior Forensic Science Camp
  • Sports Exploration Camp
  • Dialogue and Democracy Institute
  • Embody Theology Institute
  • Forensic Science Institute
  • Healthcare Institute
  • Songwriting Camp
  • Spark Business Marketing Institute
  • Sustainable Living Institute
  • Summer Music Intensives

We are unable to offer scholarships to our Intermediate/Advanced Volleyball and Tennis Camps because of the age range of these participants. Athletes between the grades 9-12 are not eligible for scholarships due to NCAA regulations. If you have any questions, please email us at camps@saintmarys.edu.

To be considered for financial assistance, please submit a scholarship application by June 1.

Our scholarship application can be found here.

Expense MoneyFine Arts Performance Forum

Participants will be able to visit the bookstore during summer camp. For this reason, participants may bring additional money for incidentals or other purchases. The cafe on campus only accepts card purchases. All participants are responsible for their own money.

Refund Policy

All refund requests must be made in writing to the camps@saintmarys.edu email and will be reviewed and refunds will be issued at the end of each month. 

Please note that all of our residential programs have a $100 non-refundable service fee and all of our day programs have a $50 non-refundable service fee. 

After June 1st, no refunds will be accepted.

Educators, Instructors, and CoachesVolleyball Camp

Saint Mary’s Summer Programs are led by educators, instructors, and coaches who provide professional and personal instruction. Summer program classes take place on the campus of Saint Mary’s College, in classrooms, laboratories, studios, and athletic fields. 

Saint Mary’s College is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience. For this reason all staff members who participate in Saint Mary’s College Summer Programs have passed background checks, received Title IX training, and are trained by our Campus Safety Department.

Staying on CampusCampers on Campus

During residential summer programs, participants live in the beautiful and historic residence halls on campus. Each residence hall is staffed with trained desk workers, counselors, and an overnight staff member to ensure a protected environment. The campus experience is a vital learning experience, especially for young girls considering college.

Residence halls have double, triple, and quadruple rooms. Participants may request specific roommates when filling out their summer program registration form. 

Please note that during check-out, rooms are inspected for damage. If damages are found, parents/guardians will be invoiced for the repairs and/or replacement items. If a camper loses her key, the parent/guardian will be charged a $30 replacement fee.

Travel Accommodations

Transportation to and from the South Bend Airport and Amtrak is available for an additional fee. Please contact us with questions about travel accomodations by June 1.

Please note that we do not provide housing or supervision of campers before or after our summer program sessions. 

COVID-19 Guidelines

Saint Mary's encourages those who are feeling sick or who have a known exposure to COVID-19 to wear masks and/or stay home while feeling ill. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19. Should a camper test positive for COVID-19 during their time at camp, the camper will be isolated under supervision and the parent/guardian will be contacted for immediate pick-up. No overnight isolation space is available at Saint Mary’s. 


COVID vaccine is strongly recommended, but not required for campers.

Dining ServicesCamp Dining

Saint Mary’s College provides professional and nutritious meals in the Noble Family Dining Hall. Participants are provided “all-you-care-to-eat” meals with a wide variety of menus. Dietary restrictions can be listed when filling out our consent forms and will be passed on to the campus food provider. Dining is brought to you by Notre Dame Dining Services.  

All overnight participants receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner during their summer program sessions. Day campers will receive lunch and/or dinner depending on the program.

Health ServicesSports Camp

Residential Camps

A camp nurse is available during all of our residential summer program sessions. Any prescription medications need to be administered by one of our camp nurses.  Any over-the-counter medications (including vitamins, antacids, pain relievers, etc.) that your particpant may take can be kept in their rooms unless otherwise specified by a parent. All of your participant’s health and medical information will be collected once you've registered for camp.

When you check-in to your summer program session, nurse staff will be on site collecting any medication and/or prescriptions. During check-out, you will be able to collect any of your participant’s remaining medication. Any remaining unclaimed medications will be properly discarded.

If at any point during the summer program session a participant experiences an illness or injury, a nurse or camp staff member will contact the participant’s parent or guardian. 

Day Camps

We are unable to administer medication and/or prescriptions to our day campers. Questions regarding this policy may be answered by the Summer Programs staff at camps@saintmarys.edu.  

For athletic summer programs, a certified athletic trainer will be available to provide health care services including emergency care, injury prevention, injury evaluation, and proper referral. The athletic training staff can be reached at (574) 284-4335 with any questions or concerns.

Homesickness and VisitingFashion Camp

Homesickness may be an issue at camp, especially for participants who are away from home for the first time. Staff members have been trained to react to homesickness with compassion and sympathy. Counselors will help homesick participants focus on exciting rogram activities, making new friends, and embracing fun atmosphere of the summer program experience.

Each of our Saint Mary’s Summer Programs follow a “No Visiting” policy except in the event of an emergency. Please note that we will only release a participant to the specified individuals listed in the Pick-Up Permission form. All individuals will be asked to show proof of identification before releasing a participant to them.

Emergency situations can be reported to the Summer Program Office at (574) 284-4778.

Bad weather? No worries.

In the case of inclement weather, all outdoor camp activities will be altered as follows:

  • Lightning: All activities are moved inside
  • Tornado warning: Campers will be escorted inside to the sub-level building area. If campers are in a residence hall, they will be escorted to the lowest level of the building.
  • Excessive heat: Outdoor participants will be instructed to take more water breaks and will be monitored by our camp staff. 

Camp RulesEmbody Camp

Saint Mary’s College strives to provide a positive and enriching experience for campers. To ensure a positive experience for all of our participants, The Office of Saint Mary’s Summer Programs has established the following rules:

  • Participants are required to follow all instructions provided by program faculty, instructors, and staff.
  • Participants must be respectful of others.
  • Participants must respect the property of others.
  • Participants must keep rooms clean and orderly.
  • Participants are not permitted to leave their groups or Saint Mary’s College campus without staff supervision.

Any minor infraction will result in a verbal reprimand or warning from the Program Director. Serious infractions will result in a verbal warning and a parent/guardian will be notified by the Program Director. If infractions continue, campers may be expelled from the program.

Grounds for immediate expulsion may include, but are not limited to use of alcohol or drugs, activating fire alarms, theft, vandalism, or the use of any item that endangers an individual or College property.

Saint Mary’s College will not refund any fees for participants who are dismissed from the program for serious or repeated code of conduct violations.