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Embark on a journey of self-discovery with friends! Professionally-trained instructors guide campers in art exploration, storytelling, dance, music, and theatre. Fine Arts Camp focuses on educating young girls and developing their communication, critical, and analytical thinking skills. At the end of the week, campers present their work in a Performing Arts Forum on the Saint Mary’s College stage. 

Participants will explore four fine arts disciplines: music, dance, theater, and studio art over five days. Daily classes in these disciplines are combined with a performance class where each camper specializes in a specific art form. At the end of the week, families are invited to attend a performance of what the campers have been creating

We are excited to offer both residential and day camp options this coming summer! Whether experienced or not, campers are welcome to enroll in Saint Mary’s Fine Arts Camps. The only requirement is the desire to learn and have fun!

2023 Camp Information

Fine Arts Overnight Camp

For girls entering grades 5-9 as of September 2023

Dates: July 9-14

Cost: $749
Scholarships available

Register before March 31 to receive a $50 Early Bird Discount!


Fine Arts Day Camp

For girls entering grades 4-8 as of September 2023

Dates: July 10-14 (7:30 a.m. - 8 a.m. drop-off | 4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. pick-up EST)

Cost: $395
Scholarships available

Register before March 31 to receive a $50 Early Bird Discount!



Pick your concentration — Experience them all!

At Fine Arts Camp, campers explore four fine arts disciplines: art, music, dance, and theatre. Campers will have an opportunity to choose which of these disciplines they would like to focus on during camp. Based on their choices, campers attend a daily performance class where they work alongside our professionally trained instructors to create a piece of art within that discipline. At the end of camp, each camper will have the opportunity to present their art to family and friends in our Performing Arts Forum!

Take a look at our 2022 class descriptions! Our 2023 class descriptions are coming soon!

ARTArt Class

Dream Weavers

Performance Class: We will build off the basic techniques we learn in the exploration class and amplify the project. Available to use will be hula-hoops for large scale projects, tree limbs for life size mobiles and wire hangers to create three dimensional weaving sculptures. We’ll also dive into small weaving accent projects using plastic straws, pompous, and tassels! 

Exploration Class: We’ll work on basic weaving techniques. Mixing nature, wire, and yarn to create simple and colorful wall art. If time allows we’ll add in pompoms and tassels. 

Swirls and Curls

Performance Class: Campers will use their own marbled paper to make rolled beads and create custom jewelry and wearable art to take home!

Exploration Class: Campers will explore marbling paper and create swirling designs of color. Campers can use their personalized papers as bases for their own drawings, letters, or even stickers!


Uke Jams

Performance Class: Sing songs from the Disney animated film Moana! Learn Lin-Manuel Miranda's beloved songs such as How Far I'll Go, You're Welcome, We Know the Way, and many more! Campers are more than welcome to bring their own ukelele from home if they'd like!

Exploration Class: Learn how to play the popular Hawaiian instrument... the ukulele! During day class, campers will learn how to properly hold, strum, and pluck their way through basics! No experience is needed! 


Dance and the Power of the Arts

Performance Class: Let’s show the world how powerful the arts can be when we all join forces! Campers will use dance as well as other art forms that they enjoy in order to plan, organize, and stage a performance.  Combinations include dancers and singers, dancers with instrumental musicians, dancers with visual artists- or even all the arts working together! Campers in this performance class don’t necessarily need to be dancers- we’ll need musicians (with instruments), singers, and visual artists, too! 

Exploration Class: Choreography, or dance-making, is a creative process that begins with inspiration from what we see, hear, feel, and experience.  Campers will take part in games and activities using various inspirations for exploring and improvising movement, learn how to design and shape those movements, and ultimately create dances of their own!


Experimenting with Performance

Performance Class: In small groups, campers will develop short skits about a science-based research project that they will write, rehearse, and perform over the course of the week. The individual skits will then be fine-tuned by the entire class so that they can be woven together to create a cohesive story for our final performance in front of our family and friends.

Exploration Class: All campers will explore the building blocks of storytelling, improv, and performance as individual parts of a whole and in small groups. In our classes everyone is expected to participate in voice and movement games, partner and group improv, all building to short group skits. We ease campers into performing by starting with whole group activities and allowing them to choose how big a part they will play in each activity, building confidence, a support structure, and trust as we work.


We know how important choosing a summer camp is for you and because of this, we are here to answer any questions that you have!

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