Call for Proposals

The Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership accepts applications year-round for faculty fellowships and grants for research that is aligned with the center’s mission. Student scholarships and grants to support global travel, research, and study abroad are also available. 

Faculty Research Fellows

We support three CWIL Faculty Research Fellows each year. These grants sustain research on gender, women, and/or girls and are open to faculty of all departments, disciplines, and ranks. Successful proposals will make a compelling case for the significance of the project and its potential to make a tangible contribution toward greater gender equity. Successful proposals must indicate how research is inclusive across many forms of difference. Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate a commitment to intersectional methods and theories. Faculty Research Fellows hold affiliation with CWIL for one academic year.

Applications are due September 15th.

Information and Application

Faculty Grants and Scholarships

We invite applications for CWIL scholarships and grants in: Faculty Development Grants; Conference Funding Grants; Intercultural Travel for Faculty-led Student Groups; Intercultural Travel Grants for Faculty; Academic/Student Services Department Grants; and Event Co-Sponsorship Grants. Successful proposals will indicate how the project advances the goals of CWIL, specifically with regard to our research priorities: research on gender, women, and/or girls; women’s leadership; women’s entrepreneurism; intercultural engagement; diversity, inclusion, and equity; and global competency.  

Applications are due September 15th and February 15th. 

Information and Application

Student Grants and Scholarships

Students are eligible to apply for scholarships and grants to support global travel, research, and study aborad. Grant categories include: Independent Student Travel Grant, which can be used to support research or independent study abroad; First Passport Grant; Summer Study Abroad on Saint Mary's Program; Student Travel Grant for the Oxford Program; Humanistic Studies Department Study Abroad Scholarships; Susan McHugh Study Abroad Grant; and Michael Paige Study Abroad Grant. 

Information, Application, and Deadlines