Life in Le Mans Hall

Le Mans Hall When I think of Saint Mary’s, immediately I picture Le Mans Hall. I picture the majestic bell tower and the dark wood accents that highlight the architecture of the building. I picture the sprawling field of green grass surrounding the exterior. I picture my home.

But what is it like to actually live in Le Mans?

It’s a sisterhood, a sleepover with your best friends every night for nine straight months. Every room in Le Mans is unique. From cozy singles to spacious quads (some with fireplaces!), you live only steps away from 500 fellow students—students who are potential lifelong friends. Freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors reside in Le Mans. We stay up late to watch movies, talk about boys, or cram for exams.

Le Mans is familiar. Not only is it a residence hall, it’s the central building on campus, and the first floor houses a variety of offices—including the office of President! The first floor also boasts great study spots—I love to grab a table in Reinbeaux Lounge to do some early morning homework. The basement was recently remodeled into a lounge area. Students can cozy into a comfortable booth to study or relax on a couch with friends to watch a movie on the flat-screen television. And, late at night when all on-campus food venues are closed, the basement’s vending machines provide the ultimate snack!

The Holy Spirit Chapel on the third floor is one of my favorite places. I feel uplifted just walking through the doors. I love the Sunday evening mass, as the service is totally geared towards students.

A friend from another school visited me last year and felt envious that I “lived in a castle!” And, yes, Le Mans is a unique place, full of personality and friendship. I can’t imagine my Saint Mary's experience without Le Mans—it truly is my home away from home.

Alexandra Davin
Alexandra Davin, Class of 2012, is a communication studies major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.