Hanging out in McCandless HallWith fewer singles than Regina, McCandless promotes interaction yet provides a quieter study space as well. Each resident (regardless of room type) is assigned a shared study carrel — an air-conditioned study space with your own desk and chair. It provides the perfect retreat to focus on studies when needed.

There is a lounge on each of the five floors with soft seating and a TV where you’ll often find residents spending time either hanging out or doing homework together. McCandless also features Niner’s Lounge which has recently undergone renovations to create great spaces to cook, gather, and study.

McCandless Hall Bunk at Saint Mary's College

McCandless Hall study carrel

The Details

  • Meal Plan: Required
  • Residence Hall Style: Traditional
  • Room Types: Singles, Doubles, Triples
  • Extras: Sink in Each Room
  • Study Space: Air Conditioned Carrels
  • Bathrooms: Community on each floor


Lounge in McCandless Hall


Kitchen in McCandless Hall